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2017-2018 School Calendar September 5th through June 14, 2018

Our calendar will display school events and programs, vacation dates, and staff development dates. Please try to keep your vacations in line with our calendar. Please try to make any appointments after school hours or during days off.The calendar is meant to help you all keep track of school days, vacation days, and special events – such as our fundraisers.

Fundraising Goals

We want fewer fundraisers, but still must raise money, so I invite any ideas you may have, but the teachers are not able to continue planning, organizing, and completing these events – we need parents to do all these steps. I also hope that every family will recognize how important participation (both as attending and volunteering) is, for the best outcome. Please, sell tickets to the student events and invite friends and families (especially families with children who might benefit from attending NHA).

Parental Participation!

Our fundraising goal for 2017-2018 is $15,000. That is the shortfall between flexible tuition income and expenses. We do not wish to have meals at our student concerts, so we will simply be selling tickets ($10/ea.), and all who attend must have a ticket, except the students themselves. We will be asking each family to sell a minimum of 10 tickets each ($100/family) – more if possible. That will guarantee us at least $1,000 per concert. We will have bake sales and raffles at the events, as well.

Christmas Bazaar

Our Christmas Bazaar event will change a bit. We absolutely have always made the most money from it through the bakes sale, especially the “Cookie Walk.” Last year we had only two moms (one was also a teacher) contribute to the sale – this cannot happen again. We have quite a few folks who look forward to coming to our December event just for the bake sale, and they were very disappointed last year. So, please, select some recipes now so we will have a goodly supply to choose from. We usually need at least 10 varieties of cookies and 3-5 dozen of each variety, along with breads, cakes, pies, and homemade candy. Please – all baked goods must be homemade, not store-bought – people know the difference. If anyone crafts, folks are always looking for home-crafted items, as well. We will be – hopefully – selling freshly made wreaths (do you make wreaths?), if we can get folks to collect greens and then make the wreaths and swags Pastor Bill is willing to invite tree growers to donate a few Christmas trees for us to sell, too. While in past years this day has run from 8am-4pm, we will shorten it next year to 9am-1pm, including also a lunch menu. We would want – I think – to continue the Children’s Shopping downstairs, but that requires a lot of donated items for them to choose presents for parents, grandparents, and siblings from – it has proven to be a big hit each year.