Staff Qualifications

Administration and Staff Qualifications and Expectations

At New Hope Academy all staff must be committed believers who have a strong personal walk with Christ and a sincere love of children. They must also have a passion for educating children with a Christian worldview, so as to prepare them for their adult life as followers of Christ in this world.

Our staff meets or exceeds the requirements of the State of Connecticut for both education and training in primary and secondary education. The Connecticut Department of Education exercises no jurisdiction over private schools, by design. We do not take that freedom lightly, and require appropriate educational experiences or life-work experiences for each staff member. If a person has the passion and love of teaching, yet does not have college or university degrees, we will consider their life work, following the determination of the American Baptist USA denomination. That is, for every four (4) years of life work in the field of teaching children, we will count as one (1) year of undergraduate work.

Executive Director/Superintendent – Masters Degree / Equivalent

Directors – Bachelors Degree / 16 years

Teachers – Bachelors Degree / 16 years

Aides – Associates Degree / 8 years


Other Training

  • All staff have medical and background clearance
  • They are CPR and First Aid certified
  • They are trained in blood-borne pathogens and universal precautions


Continuing Education

Staff continues their education through workshops, seminars, classes, etc.