Program Goals

An Explanation of our Program and What We Provide

  • A safe and caring learning environment, with a balanced curriculum, of depth and breadth
  • Goals and objectives of learning for each child, with clear and consistent expectations
  • Assurance that we will inform parents at the earliest stage possible of any concerns regarding a child’s learning or behaviors
  • A consistent biblical foundation (not a denominational one) for all teaching

Developmentally Appropriate Practices

  • Intellectually: encouraging an enthusiasm for learning with: instruction, exploring, and hands-on experiences
  • Physically: lessons/games/sports to develop large/small muscle coordination
  • Spiritually: by providing devotional time each day, integrating a Biblical worldview through the curriculum, as well as the actual learning environment
  • Socially/Emotionally: participation in group activities
  • Creatively: instruction and introduction to all art mediums, including music

Intellectual Goals

  • to promote curiosity
  • to facilitate the growth of language skills and vocabulary
  • to foster independence in meeting and solving problems
  • to encourage observation and listening skills

Physical Goals

  • to promote health and physical growth
  • to provide opportunities for large muscle development
  • to develop fine motor dexterity and eye-hand coordination
  • to recognize/appreciate similarities and differences in a non-competitive manner

Social Goals

  • to develop an awareness of others’ feelings
  • to learn to communicate and work well with others
  • to develop acceptable strategies of coping in stressful situations

Emotional goals

  • to foster a positive transition between home and school
  • to promote a sense of personal security and self-respect
  • to encourage self-esteem and self-confidence
  • to help each to define, understand, and express in words the way one feel
  • to assist children to recognize reasonable limits and self-control

Spiritual Goals

  • to recognize each person as a unique creation of God
  • to see the beauty in nature as God’s creation
  • to nurture and respect each child’s creativity and talents
  • to foster self-expression in a positive form
  • to encourage children to understand “prayer” as talking with God in their own word