School Information

Each child is important! Each child is unique. We are determined that no child gets “lost in the crowd.” We provide the structure of consistent Biblical guidance and a non-denominational approach to teaching our pupils how to learn and grow in Spirit.

New Hope Academy sets high standards for instructors and students, imparting values and skills that foster a love of learning. Our school is a safe and caring learning environment, with a deep, broad and balanced curriculum.

We set goals and objectives of learning for each child, with clear and consistent expectations. We offer assurance that we will inform parents at the earliest stage possible of any concerns regarding a child’s learning or behaviors.


At New Hope Academy, each subject has a purpose beyond simply collected data. We conduct all our study through:

  • Language Arts – it is through language that we learn, share thoughts and develop society
  • Math – quantities, forms, patterns, etc., and relationships by use of numbers and symbols
  • Science – What is it? How does it work? What are the connections?
  • Social Studies – What/Who/Where/Why are we? Our purpose? How are we alike/different?
  • History / Geography – People and their places, including God’s complete universe
  • Art – human creativity; personal expression
  • Music – movement, sound, rhythm, expression
  • Scriptures – the basics of Christian belief; and introduction to God’s values