At New Hope Academy we encourage:

Creativity, Decision Making, Self-discipline, and Critical reasoning.

Principles and Objectives

New Hope Academy was established as a not-for-profit private educational program based on Christian principles. At New Hope Academy, we value the whole child, imparting to each student the skills and tools with which he will embark on a journey of lifelong learning.

  • Each child is important! Each child is unique. We are determined that no child gets “lost in the crowd.” We provide the structure of consistent Biblical guidance and a non-denominational approach to teaching our pupils how to learn and grow in Spirit.
  • New Hope Academy sets high standards for instructors and students, imparting values and skills that foster a love of learning. Our school is a safe and caring learning environment, with a deep, broad and balanced curriculum.
  • We set goals and objectives of learning for each child, with clear and consistent expectations. We offer assurance that we will inform parents at the earliest stage possible of any concerns regarding a child’s learning or behaviors.






New Hope Academy


Discere datum; ius crescere! (Empowered to learn; empowered to grow!)


“Study, to show yourself approved unto God”


Mission Statement:

The mission of New Hope Academy is to equip students with the skills to:

Excel academically

Succeed vocationally

Thrive emotionally / relationally

Flourish spiritually


At New Hope Academy we encourage:



Decision making


Critical reasoning


Accredited by
The National Association of Private Schools

New Hope Academy
1369 Hartford Pike (Rte. 101)
PO Box 134 – East Killingly, CT 06243